Panstromasew Stromata Ntivania Maxilaria Cyprus S1006

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Panstromasew Mattresses & Divans

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Panstromasew Mattresses & Divans


Panstromasew Mattresses & Divans

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Panstromasew Stromata Cyprus S1006

Mattress / Latex / Celsion

A New, Patent-Pending Temperature Regulating Talalay Latex
Two sides mattress for a total satisfaction with one side flexible and one firm side. It consists zones, neck area zone, back zone, leg zone and shoulder comfort zone.
It offers the maximum of comfort and support. Maintain a consistent body temperature through out the night while experiencing the comfort pressure relief and health benefits of Natural Talalay Latex.
• Absorbs heat energy released from the body
• Cools down a warm body and warms up a cool body
• Minimizes perspiring and lessens the need to add blankets
• Use on top of innerspring, visco foam and late support cores
CELSION guarannties the most restful refreshing sleep that will change your life for good.

Panstromasew Stromata Cyprus S1006

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